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Beofficial's Founder Jeremy Newkirk

Like a lot of great minds who eventually made smart choices and took life by the horns, Jeremy Newkirk invested in himself by 1st taking his education seriously. He called that being Official. Mr. Newkirk grew up extremely poor. Twenty people in a 700 square foot shot gun house in rural Wallace, North Carolina. "I refused to be a victim to the streets", said Jeremy. He made some bad choices that led him to bad places in life as a teenager. After barely escaping many years in jail and staying alive after High School, Jeremy joined the military to escape his negative situation. He thought that was a better decision than life in jail or dead. After the military he moved to the Washington DC at 19.
Jeremy hoped to pursue ways better than street life, in which he would afford to take care of himself correctly. He was homeless for a while, sleeping on the Washington monument lawn some days. He walked to the library everyday for one year straight. He knew education was the one thing that was free. His mother consistently drove the idea that "being official" in life was getting a good education. So he taught himself entry-level electronics and how to write a resume from his military work experience. "I consistently walked to job interviews until I landed my 1st job. Shortly after i started a business for myself", said Jeremy.
Jeremy now owns several businesses and a non-profit organization. Mr. Newkirk is also the Founder of BeOfficial MG and creator of, and He proclaims that over the last 40 years he learned one thing, if nothing else, being hungry is one thing but starving with a little light of hope is a "Game Changer."