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BeOfficial MG's number one business objective is to create jobs and opportunity by setting the right environment and atmosphere for our clients and partners to conduct their business easily. The one way we do that is by keeping our upcoming business networking and event information exclusive to our hand-selected global partners and sponsors in the U.S., Nigeria, Africa, and other progressive countries. Before we publish any information on any industry functions or events to the public, we give our subscribed and thoroughly-screened partners the inside scoop on where we will be creating fun and exciting events, major label jobs, and opportunities next. We are always looking for Seat Fillers, Ushers, Models, Stylists, Caterers, Public Relations, Web Developers, Graphic Artists, TV Producers, Sound Engineers, Music Producers, Comedians, Actors, Paid Extras, and Paid College Interns. We are constantly creating jobs for smart and talented emerging business and industry professionals, who want to be in the mix with the successful people who are becoming today's hottest superstars.

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