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About Beofficial MG

Since its founding in 2004, BeOfficial Management Group has grown into the world’s preeminent digital creations and brand management company.  We work in every aspect of modern technology and entertainment—with government, corporate America, recording artists and producers, songwriters and athletes. Our client list includes some of the world’s most recognizable names: from Bryshere Grey (Hakeem of Fox Empire), NFL Start Santana Moss, Kevin Lyles with GoNsyde, to Emmy Actress Debbi Morgan. We are a full-service organization, supporting our diverse roster of talent via digital brand development, management, music publishing, touring, production, strategic product development and beyond. We’ve forged strong partnerships with the world’s leading experts in artist management, technology, fashion, and philanthropy, and are redefining the business of digital entertainment.

BeOfficial Management Group, LLC's goal is to work with and create jobs for the smartest people around the world. The company was founded by CEO, Sr. Computer Scientist, World Leader, Social Entrepreneur, Sound Engineer, and Entertainment Producer, Jeremy Newkirk on August 8th, 2004
BeOfficial MG is headquartered in the United States and in Abuja, Nigeria, Africa (d/b/a GvG-Africa). We create computer science technology and media, manage startups, develop entertainers, and train young business-thinking entrepreneurs. We want the people we work with to have fun, get industry experience, and earn a well-respected paycheck.
CEO Jeremy Newkirk is a Microsoft Certified Internet Architect for over 18 years, he was featured on ABC's, How i Made it in America, has worked with the Obama Administration; President Buhari's administration in Nigeria, Africa; Dell Computers; the Atlanta, GA Mayor's Office; the NFL; the US Department of Energy; MOTIR Services; the African Community Bridge Foundation (ACBF); Starbucks Coffee; the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) and others.
BeOfficial MG's life mission is to inspire youth and deter them from illiteracy and discriminating hate via fun family engagement products, green --positive and productive-- social technology, clean digital media, fun exciting entertainment, coaching, digital education and job creation services.
BeOffical MG is also creating innovative ways, through technology, to reward teachers with higher salaries, pay the public for learning, and promote higher education via it's Go Virtual Green Platform. We are committed to employing youth in progressive countries, like Nigeria, Africa. Check out our initiative to help push the Central African Republic (C.A.R.) forward 
BeOfficial MG is also the parent management company for: 22ndNextGenIT; MTB ConstructionThe Wall Group 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation; Black Charter House Investments; and NeuroGreen© Technologies.
BeOfficial MG has secured a United States Better Business Bureau A+ Rating.